Z.I. Oliveira do Hospital, Lt 18, Ap. 56, 3400-060 Oliveira do Hospital


AZURIBERICA – Têxtil, S.A. started its productive activity in February 2011. A troubled period of redundancies in the textile sector in Oliveira do Hospital. He took advantage of the existing workmanship and know-how at Oliveira do Hospital and installed a differentiating layout that allowed him to produce a man’s coat and trousers with a high degree of quality.
Allied the strong knowledge of the technicians available at the time, and bet on the continuous formation of new cadres to support the sustained growth that comes next in these successive years.
Its main focus is the “People”, in this sector where the workforce is intensive, only with a motivated team, with training and evolved technique is possible to win in the current market.
The technology used is top-of-the-line, cutting and thermo-cutting of last generation and the machinery park is updated and renewed annually according to the need of the Product Manufactured.
In terms of energy consumption, we have built and invested in a company where daily cost reduction is a highly important factor. We have the greatest concern for the environment, producing much of our electricity (photovoltaic panels) and using state-of-the-art technology in LED lighting.
We are an export company and we are prepared to produce a high quality product and provide a great service to our customers and partners.
The Sole Administrator,
Joaquim Pratas
Located in the Center region and embellished by the magnificent Serra da Estrela, where there is a textile tradition for a century, Azuriberica currently employs 230 workers.
It assumes itself as a company that stands out for the design of garments of the highest quality, from coats, overcoats and suits to trousers, skirts and waistcoats.
Without ever discoloring trends in fashion and the market in general, Azuriberica is distinguished by the continuous improvement of its production processes and its commitment to the latest technology.
Integrally focused on developing and enhancing positive and successful relationships with customers and partners, it is committed to effort, effectiveness, flexibility and availability, focusing on end product excellence and delivery dates.

Valorization and respect for its employees.


Social and environmental responsibility.


Rigor and discipline.


Team spirit.


Honesty and transparency in the way we deal with our clients and suppliers


To guarantee excelence in the manufacturing of our garment, as well as a continuous improvement, from the choice of materials to the delivery to the client.


We strive to be a reference company to our clients, particularly due to quality, demand, innovation and professionalism.

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